TEBASEPT – wound antiseptic solution

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TEBASEPT – PHMB Antiseptic Solution

One of the most important causes of delayed wound healing is the presence of resistant microorganisms and biofilms. Treating the simultaneous infection is one of the main obstacles hindering complete wound healing. treetta (Teba-zist-polymer) offers TEBASEPT, an antiseptic spray from its family of wound healing products, as the solution.

TEBASEPT has powerful antiseptic agents in its formulation, including polyhexanide (PHMB) and betaine surfactant. This product not only covers a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms but is also helpful against drug-resistant microorganisms.

PHMB is a cationic polymer with an Antimicrobial peptide-like structure. PHMB is an ideal Antimicrobial agent because it covers a wide range of microorganisms and is biocompatible. TEBASEPT uses this agent and can eliminate any pathogenic microorganism from the site of the infection.

Betaine is a member of the surfactant family. It reduces surface tension and helps to remove the biofilms and microorganisms from the infected region. TEBASEPT uses Betaine, which can efficiently cleanse biofilms from the wound surface.



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TEBASEPT can help to cleanse wounds, prevent them from contamination and infections.

treat infected wounds such as the site of intravenous catheters like central vein catheters or urinary catheters and the area around an ostomy.

  • Radiotherapy wounds
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Surgical wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcer
  • Pressure ulcer (such as bedsore)
  •  1st , 2 nd , 3 rd degree burns

PHMB effect chart

After using TEBASEPT antiseptic spray, a thin layer of antimicrobial agents covers the infected site and lasts for long periods, generating antimicrobial effects. In all kinds of infected wounds.

PHMB effect chart

PHMB is the first choice for preventing the infection or treating them. There has been a global shift towards using PHMB as the primary antimicrobial agent in antiseptic products, which proves the quality and effectiveness of this agent.

Indications First choice of treatment Second choice
Wounds with a high risk of infection PHMB Silver
Burn wounds PHMB – – – –
Infected wounds PHMB Silver
Infected surgical wounds PHMB – – – –
Cleansing acute and chronic wounds PHMB – – – –
Non-exudative wounds PHMB Silver

TEBASEPT features:

1. Wide-ranged antimicrobial effect

PHMB is a polymer with a positive charge. The cell wall and plasma membrane of microorganisms have negative charges. Therefore, PHMB can easily attach to them using electrostatic attraction forces, and disrupt their integrity, killing them in the process. PHMB covers a wide variety of bacteria while also affecting fungi. Using PHMB in the formulation allows TEBASEPT to prevent and treat infections caused by a wide range of Microorganisms.

2.TEBASEPT’s effect on drug-resistant microorganisms (MRSA, VRE)

One of the challenges facing the medical system nowadays is the treatment of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO). PHMB is the Antimicrobial agent used in the formulation of TEBASEPT and is one the most potent antimicrobial agents to this day. PHMB can be effective against multi-drug resistant organisms such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus.

3. Preventing Biofilms and cleansing the wound site

Biofilms are a more resistant format of pathogenic microorganisms that can withstand usual antibiotics. TEBASEPT antiseptic spray, having PHMB as the antimicrobial agent, can prevent the biofilm formation procedure and accelerates the healing process of an infected wound.

4. Microbial resistance concerns

PHMB is the antimicrobial agent used in the formulation of TEBASEPT antiseptic spray. PHMB is a powerful agent affecting a wide range of microorganisms. To this date, there has not been a single report of resistance to PHMB. Hence, this product guarantees the prevention and treatment of wound infections, no matter the underlying microorganism.

5. Quick-starting and long-lasting Antimicrobial effects

After mere seconds of applying the product, the antimicrobial effects begin, and the thin layer of antiseptic product that covers the site of infection can keep the antimicrobial effects in action.

6. Compatible with different wound bandages

The formulation of TEBASEPT antiseptic spray is compatible with usual bandages and can work alongside other wound dressing products.

7. Biocompatibility

One of the unique features of TEBASEPT is that it is biocompatible and causes no side effects. All of the raw materials used in TEBASEPT’s formulation, including PHMB, are biocompatible and will not harm cells and tissues surrounding the wound.

How to use TEBASEPT

Spray TEBASEPT antiseptic solution on the wound surface and surrounding areas, providing a clean and microbe-free environment that you can cover with a dressing. You can also use TEBASEPT to activate the TEBADERM Collagen Matrix Dressing, or to remove dressing residuals from the wound, quickly and pain-free.

TEBASEPT Antiseptic wound solution- treetta

TEBASEPT has antimicrobial agents in its formulation that can affect a variety of microorganisms. It also helps with the treatment of multi-drug-resistant species.

Additional information

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Broad spectrum antimicrobial effects


does not have

consumption time


Antibacterial type


can be cut




Suitable for diabetic ulcers


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    TEBASEPT is produced in 4 volumes of 30, 60, 250 ml

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1 review for TEBASEPT – wound antiseptic solution

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    TEBASEPT is produced in 4 volumes of 30, 60, 250 ml

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