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TEBAGRAN PLUS Ag – Collagen Granule Dressing with Silver

Microorganism accumulation at the site of the injury and the subsequent infection is the most prominent obstacle facing the wound healing process. As our once-trusted antibiotics continue to lose their efficacy against the ever-mutating pathogenic Microorganisms, the importance of wound infection grows more and more. In vascular dysfunction patients, this issue is more severe and harder to manage. treetta (Teba-Zist-Polymer) has studied dozens of solutions and presents an advanced granule dressing technology based on silver crystal particles. This product uses nanotechnology and can help the healing process across all the steps. It can control the infection and affect the inflammatory and granulation phases. These silver crystal nanoparticles have a unique structure, which makes them one of the modern antimicrobial agents used in antiseptic products. Using this technology, we can reach a higher contact area, and with the higher penetration potential of these particles, our products are much more potent in managing wound infections.


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TEBAGRAN Plus Ag dressing is from the family of treetta wound healing products. It has biopolymer granules based on collagen protein and silver crystal particles, so it has higher antimicrobial capabilities. By combining silver crystal particles with the 3D structure of granules that evolve into a gel form, we have made a slow-release formulation that can provide a constant antimicrobial effect throughout the time the dressing is applied. Also, the collagen protein and other biopolymers used in the formulation can accelerate the granulation phase and help the wound-healing process.

TEBAGRAN Plus Ag indications:

Infected wounds

Cavity wounds

Acute and chronic exudative wounds

Diabetic foot ulcer

Pressure ulcer (bedsores)

1st , 2 nd , 3 rd degree burns

sinus, fistula, tunneling, undermining

TEBAGRAN Plus Ag features

  1. Antimicrobial effects and treating the infected wounds

Silver nanoparticles can kill Microorganisms by making pores inside the cell wall, DNA replication inhibition, and interfering with different cytochromes vital for microorganism metabolism. TEBAGRAN’s silver nanoparticles increase the production of free-radical, reactive oxygen species and have intense antimicrobial effects.

  1. Reducing the inflammation at the site of the wound

There is a delicate balance between matrix metalloproteinase enzymes and metalloproteinase tissue inhibitors in a normal wound which is vital for a normal wound healing process. Any disturbance in this balance can lead to the dysfunction of growth factors leading to a chronic process. Silver crystal nanoparticles decrease the expression and production of inflammatory cytokines, lower the metalloproteinase enzyme function, and lower the concentration of inflammatory mediators like TNF-alpha.

  1. Long-acting antimicrobial formulation

Infusing the 3D gel structure with silver crystal nanoparticles results in a slow-release antimicrobial wound dressing. TEBAGRAN Plus Ag dressings provide a long-lasting antimicrobial effect throughout the application period (3 days).

  1. Accelerating the granulation phase

Collagen and other biopolymers present in the formulation of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag can directly increase the mitosis rate of fibroblast cells and manage the level of metalloproteinase enzyme activity. As a result, TEBAGRAN Plus Ag preserves endogenous collagen and can overcome the vicious cycle of chronic wounds by accelerating the granulation phase and increasing wound healing processes.

  1. Accelerating the epithelialization process

The collagen present in the formulation of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag will attract keratinocytes, thus helping the reconstruction of the epithelial tissue. It also adjusts the metalloproteinase enzyme activity. The silver crystal nanoparticles can also help the epithelialization process by managing the inflammation-inducing cytokines and protease enzymes.

  1. Absorbing exudate and discharge

The unique formulation of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag provides a vast area for absorbing excessive discharge and exudate. This feature makes TEBAGRAN Plus Ag an ideal option for managing exudative wounds.

  1. Hydrating the wound

The TEBAGRAN Plus Ag granules can absorb wound discharges and evolve into a gel structure. This gel can provide an optimal humid environment for wound healing and regular enzyme activity. This structure also improves autolytic debridement.

  1. Wound coverage

The granulated structure of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag provides complete coverage over the wound surface. No matter the shape and depth, no part of the wound remains uncovered.

  1. Easy to use

The granulated structure and distinctive packaging of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag ensure easy application of the product. This product can simplify the wound dressing process for medical practitioners and also help with not accessible wounds.

  1. Safe change of dressing

The granulated structure of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag does not stick to the wound bed. These particles will effortlessly come off with simple washing. Hence, the changing process is painless and does not damage the healing granulation tissue beneath.

How to use TEBAGRAN Plus Ag

Go through with debriding the wound and wash it with an antiseptic solution or simply by a washing serum.

Apply 3 mm of TEBAGRAN Plus Ag granules on the wound.

The TEBAGRAN Plus Ag granules volume will increase after contacting the wounds exudate and turn into a gel structure. So do not fill the wound cavity with granules.

Cover the granules with a secondary dressing.

The changing period depends on the amount of discharge from the wound. But the granules can stay up to 3 days.

For changing the dressing, after removing the secondary dressing, the granules would comfortably come off with washing serum.

The TEBAGRAN Plus Ag granules will turn yellow/cream after contacting the wound discharge, which is normal and does not indicate an infection.

How to use TEBAGRAN Plus Ag – Collagen Granule Dressing with Silver

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    TEBAGRAN Plus Ag is available in 2 volumes
    1. TEBAGRAN Plus Ag 1 gr
    2. TEBAGRAN Plus Ag 2 gr

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1 review for TEBAGRAN Plus Ag

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    TEBAGRAN Plus Ag is available in 2 volumes
    1. TEBAGRAN Plus Ag 1 gr
    2. TEBAGRAN Plus Ag 2 gr

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